“Panalure” – in case you were wondering.

Panchromatic black-and-white photographic printing papers are sensitive to all wavelengths of visible light. They were designed for the printing of full-tone black-and-white images from color negatives; this is not possible with conventional orthochromatic papers. Panchromatic papers can also be used to produce paper negatives in large-format cameras. These materials must be handled and developed in near-complete darkness. Kodak Panalure Select RC was an example of a panchromatic black-and-white paper; it was discontinued in 2005.



In early 2014 Panalure released 2 singles, “I’ll Remember” and the B-side “Her Collection”. The versions that eventually made it to The Bones album are quite different. Download the original release versions: Panalure – “I’ll Remember & “Her Collection” Free Music Download


Side A: I’ll Remember
Side B: Her Collection
Release date: August 19, 2013
Producer: Panalure

“I’ll Remember” written by Fred Ziegler
“Her Collection” written by Fred Ziegler and Ken Hanson
Arrangements by Panalure
Recorded in The Attic
Mixed by Fred Ziegler and Nathan Kilen
Mastered by Mike Hoffmann

 Remixed Demo Tracks from the Attic Sessions

These songs were recorded with the intention of keeping them to ourselves. It was an exercise to help solidify songs arrangements and define our sound. The resulting recordings ended up sounding better than the “rehearsal tape” we expected, so we are sharing them with you. Please enjoy.

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